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Krill is a framework written in PHP based on the Model View Contoler 2 paradigm. It is titely inspired of Struts but is not a carbon copy of it.

This framework has been made by Jean-Luc CHASSAING, Damien GAIE and Adrien SALAIS. The full project in under LGPL licence informations can be found about it on Free Software Foundation.

Main functionalities


API release

The framework API, generated with phpDocumentor, can be found in the documentation page.

Mai 31 2004 atá21h52
Posted by adrien

The 0.8 realease available

The 0.8 release is available, It hades the folowing functionalities :

  • Authentification: it is possible to set access rights for the actions.
  • Prevention of the double post and CSRF attaks: tokens can be defined in forms to prevent replay.
  • Internationalisation: the framework's error messages are internationalised, but a lot of work remains to do.

Marsh 27 2004 atá13h36
Posted by adrien

The 0.7 realease available

the 0.7 version has been released. All the basic functionalities work. An application can be created using the framework. The documentation is made an accessible.

Mars 26 2004 atá19h21
Posted by adrien